August - Two Lawrence, MA boys, age 10 and 11, are lured into the woods and raped by a man asking for help finding a lost poodle.

10 year old Andy Puglisi vanishes from a public swimming pool in Lawrence, MA. The search for Andy lasts six days.

Wayne W. Chapman is arrested for a firearms violation in Junius, NY (Seneca County) during a routine traffic stop. Police search his van and find a cache of child pornography, rope, tape, handcuffs, a fake police badge and starter’s pistol. Chapman is detained and interrogated by police from several states.

Chapman is charged with sodomizing several children in a 4-H club in Providence, RI.

Chapman is charged with the murder of 6-year old David Louison missing from Brockton, MA in 1974.

Police search the Brockton area for the body of missing six-year old, David Louison, based on a confession by Wayne W. Chapman. David’s body is not recovered.

Wayne W. Chapman is publicly named as a suspect in Andy Puglisi case

Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis signs a warrant for extradition of Wayne W. Chapman from RI to MA for the rape of two Lawrence boys. Case #P2-1977-0053A

A Bristol county grand jury indicts Chapman on charges of sexually assaulting three young boys in 1975.in Fall River and Seekonk, MA. He is held without bail in Cranston, RI.

January 1977
Wayne W. Chapman is extradited from RI to Massachusetts for rape of a child: 2 counts Lawrence, MA (0051300)

May 1977
Grand Jury testimony given by two boys – victims of the Lawrence rapes.

State and local police search the wooded area behind the pool for Andy Puglisi’s remains. The search turns up nothing.

September 1977
Wayne W. Chapman is found guilty of raping the two Lawrence boys. The crime is a capital offense in MA. Essex County Superior Court sentences Chapman to 2 concurrent 15 to 30 year sentences. Docket #92368-69.

Chapman is sentenced to no less than 15 nor more than 30 years at MCI Cedar Junction.

March 1978
Wayne W. Chapman is civilly committed to the Massachusetts Treatment Center for the Sexually Dangerous for a term on of “one day to life” SDP 163.

July 1978
A Plymouth County Grand Jury refuses to indict Wayne W. Chapman in the murder of six-year old David Louison citing ‘no bills’ i.e. not enough evidence.

August 1978
Wayne W. Chapman is arraigned in Bristol Superior Court. He receives 6-10 years for Sodomy and indecent Assault and Battery on a child under 14.

November 1978
Charles E. Pierce, a Haverhill, MA resident is convicted of rape of a child in Hillsborough County, Florida and is sentenced to five years in a Florida State prison.

January 1979
Andy Puglisi’s dental records are sent to Chicago to be cross-checked against the human remains of children found buried under the home of serial killer John Wayne Gacy. No match is made.

Connecticut State Police form a special task force to investigate the disappearance of several children including Janice Pockett, Dawn Cave, Mary Mount, Debra Sprickler, Kathleen Terry and Lisa Joy White.

March 1979
Charles E. Pierce confesses to the murder of 13-year old Michelle Wilson. Pierce is named as a suspect in the disappearance of Janice Pockett from Tolland, CT and is implicated in the murder of several children in the CT area.

November 1979
Charles E. Pierce is charged with the murder of Michelle Wilson. He pleads innocent and is committed to the Bridgewater State hospital in MA for observation.

June 1980
Charles Pierce pleads guilty to second-degree murder of Michelle Wilson. He is sentenced to life at MCI Walpole. Docket #100230-100231

August 1980
State police dig an area in Tolland, CT searching for Janice Pockett based on information Charles Pierce has given them. Janice’s body is not recovered.

February 1980
A child’s body discovered in a Brockton basement is positively identified as six-year old David Louison.

March 1981
Charles E. Pierce tells investigators he is responsible for 15-20 child murders since 1954. He names several children including William DeSousa of Chicago (1972) Janice Pockett of CT (1973) and Mary Catherine Olenchuk of Maine.

July 1982
Lawrence police re-open the investigation into Andy’s disappearance by bringing Psychic, Andrew Barnhart, in to help with the investigation.

Lawrence police interrogate a ten-year old boy who claims to have witnessed Andy’s abduction six years earlier when the boy was 4.

October 1988
Lawrence police Captain Fitzpatrick receives a letter from a State Trooper involved with Charles E. Pierce. The letter says Pierce has confessed to the murder of a Lawrence, MA boy and that Lawrence police should investigate. Lawrence police do not question Charles Pierce.

December 1989
Wayne Chapman is approved to participate in Community Furlough Program allowing him to be released from the Massachusetts Treatment Center into the community on weekends.

October 1991
Wayne W. Chapman’s Section 9 hearing (Sexually Dangerous Persons) SDP 163. Despite protests from several psychiatrists and the Treatment Center itself Chapman is ruled ‘no longer sexually dangerous’ and his released from his civil commitment. He is returned to the prison system to serve the remainder of his criminal sentence.

January 1994
Chapman refuses sex offender treatment based on religious affiliation.

Wayne W. Chapman suffers a heart-attack and survives.

February 1998
Melanie Perkins contacts Andy’s mother and begins filming family members, police officers and friends.

August 1998
The Lawrence Eagle Tribune prints featuring Perkins’ search for answers in the disappearance of Andy Puglisi.

The Lawrence Police Department announce they are “officially re-opening” the investigation into Andy’s disappearance and have assigned local and State police detectives to work on the case.

Melanie Perkins interviews Lawrence detectives who identify a neighbor, Gary Thibedeau, as another suspect in Andy’s abduction.

September 1998
Melanie Perkins contacts Wayne Chapman requesting an interview.

Al Mintz, a Providence RI detective who investigated Wayne Chapman is located in Florida. Mintz remembers the Chapman case clearly and has retained files over the past 20 years.

December 1998
Melanie discovers a letter in a Lawrence police file that claims a prison inmate confessed to the murder of a Lawrence boy. No other information about the inmate is available. The inmate’s name is Charles E. Pierce.

February 1999
Melanie learns for the first time that Charles E. Pierce is a convicted child murderer who has confessed to the murder of a Lawrence boy. Judith Gaines sends an overnight letter to Pierce requesting an interview.

Charles Pierce dies of prostrate cancer on February 18, 1999.

April 1999
Based on a deathbed confession from Charles Pierce, Lawrence police bring cadaver dogs out to a site where Pierce claims to have buried the two children. The dogs don’t react.

Later that same day, police bring the cadaver dogs to an area adjacent to the pool. Both dogs react.

May 1999
Melanie learns Charles Pierce was not in prison when Andy disappeared and that he told Lawrence police he was acquainted with Wayne W. Chapman and had seen him from time to time in Lawrence.

July 1999
The Boston Globe publishes an 8-part series about the filming of the documentary and the search for Andy. The series includes interviews with Andy’s parents, Wayne W. Chapman, Andrew Barnhart and Perkins.

Wayne W Chapman reneges on his agreement to be filmed for the documentary. He subsequently agrees to an off-camera interview with Perkins.

Melanie meets with Wayne Chapman at the Souza Baranowski Center in Shirley, MA. He denies any involvement in Andy’s disappearance and claims never to have been to Lawrence, MA despite the fact that he was convicted of the rape of two Lawrence boys in 1975.

National networks and local news shows begin covering Andy’s story.

December 2000
Montana police arrest Nathaniel BarJonah aka David Brown in the disappearance of Zachary Ramsay. BarJonah is a Massachusetts resident and known sexual predator previously held at the Massachusetts Treatment Center for the rape of several children in the Webster, MA area.

Fragments from a child’s bones are found in BarJonah’s garage along with a list of several boys from a camp in Webster, MA and a recipe for ‘little boy stew’. It is alleged BarJonah has cannibalized children.

June 2001
ABC News, PrimeTime Live airs “Predators Among Us”, an investigation into a The Massachusetts Treatment Center for the Sexually Dangerous. It documents sexual predators who were released from the facility only to rape, molest or murder again. Therapist, Paula Erickson who worked at the Treatment Center in the 1990s, tells Cynthia McFadden that she went to the state capitol to warn people of the danger but no one would listen. A profile of Wayne W. Chapman is included as one of the sexual predators released from the Treatment Center. The news piece also includes a profile of Nathaniel Bar Jonah.

Melanie learns BarJonah and Chapman were colleagues and may have known each other before their civil commitments to the Treatment Center.

Nathaniel Bar-Jonah is convicted earlier this year of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old Great Falls boy, and hanging the boy's 8-year-old cousin from a kitchen ceiling. Those assaults occurred in 1998 and 1999. . Bar-Jonah spent 11 years in the Massachusetts Treatment Center after one attack in which authorities said he tried to kill two boys. . Under a 1991 plea agreement with Massachusetts’ prosecutors, Bar-Jonah was allowed to move to Montana with his mother. Montana authorities were outraged to learn of the deal after Bar-Jonah's arrest.

August 2004
The City of Lawrence dedicates the corner adjacent to the Higgins Memorial Pool as “Andy Puglisi Square” a memorial plaque is placed on a boulder outside of the pool that Andy and his friends played before his disappearance.

The State Police crime unit excavates a larger area adjacent to the pool – the same area in which the two cadaver dogs reacted and the ‘smaller’ 1999 excavation occurred. Andy’s body is not recovered.

October 2004
Wayne W. Chapman’s criminal sentence ends. The Essex County District Attorney’s office files a petition Chapman still Sexually Dangerous and return him to the Massachusetts Treatment Center

October 2005
An Essex Superior Court judge rules the state’s contention that Chapman remains a Sexually Dangerous person is insufficient and should not be allowed granting a motion by Wayne Chapman’s attorney, John Day, to dismiss the case. The state appeals.

April 2005
The state Supreme Judicial Court ‘vacates the decision’ of an Essex County Superior Court judge who ruled the state’s case against Wayne Chapman should be dismissed. The case is allowed to move forward to a probable cause hearing.

June 2006
Crime scene investigators search the area behind the pool for Andy based on information from a potential eye-witness. Andy’s body is not found.

August 2006
Andy’s family holds a candlelight vigil honoring his memory at St. Patrick’s Church in Lawrence, MA. It is the only church service ever held in Andy’s honor.

March 2007
Wayne W. Chapman’s sexual dangerousness hearing is scheduled. The outcome will determine whether Chapman is returned to the Treatment Center or released into the community.

April 2007
A judge rules Wayne W. Chapman is still sexually dangerous and commits him to the Treatment Center at Bridgewater, MA for a term of ‘one day to life’. Chapman’s status for release will be reviewed annually.

May 2007
“Have You Seen Andy?” is screened for the first-time publicly at the Showcase Cinema in Lawrence, MA, the same theater Melanie and Andy attended as children. 400 people crowd the theatre.

June 2007
“Have You Seen Andy?” is broadcast on HBO/Cinemax. The film will continue to broadcast over the next five years.

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